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Greetings Fellow Fusiliers! Events for 2023 so far are:


Riley's Farm (Valley Forge & Skirmish)

Feb. 25

Toy Soldier Show / Recruiting Detail (info on our Facebook Page)

Feb. 26 

St. David's Day Dinner (TBA)

Mar. 1st

Guilford Courthouse, Greensborogh, NC

Mar. 11-12

Julian Orchard Farm (info on our Facebook Page or contact Serjeant LeMay at  or message me)

Mar 25-26

Riley's Farm (Lexington and Concord event)

Apr. 15-16

Mount Vernon Revolutionary War Days, Alexandria, VA (PAID EVENT)

May 6-7

Monmouth (British Brigade Event)

June 17-18

Colonial Heritage Festival, Orem, UT (Contact Serjeant LeMay at or message me)

Jul. 1-4


Minden Day

Aug. 1st


Endview Plantation, Yorktown, VA

Sep. 23-24

Ft Loudoun, PA (Brigade Event)

Sep 30-Oct 01


Ft Verde Days (AZ) Timeline event

Oct 7-8

Camden / Hobkirk's Hill, Kershaw, SC


Grand Encampment, Flabob Airport

Nov. 11 (setup Friday, strike down Sunday morning)

NOTE: Big push for Southern Coy to attend Monmouth (Possible) Regimental Event. It’s a British Brigade event and centrally located to all our east coast companies.

Uniform Purchases


In preparation for for battle of the Hook or other 2021 event, Fusliers in need of proper kit See list from the Regimental supplier.


Don’t buy the wrong gear .


Line of March ​​​​​​​​​July 12th 2020

Carl Ivarson

4202 Shoal Creek Dr

Greensboro, NC 27410

Pricing for 23rd Regiment of Foot uniform items. Price includes all material & labor. Shipping to be determined

Regimental Coat:

Hand finished: $775.00

Machine made: $550.00

Madder Broadcloth shell, British Royal Blue Broadcloth facings, Tails lined with natural Serge wool, upper body lined and sleeves lined with white linen. Metal hooks & eyes, white metal regimental buttons and wool regimental pattern lace.


Hand finished: $225.00

Machine made: $150.00

Natural white wool shell lined with white linen and regimental buttons

Gaitered Trousers:

Hand finished: $265.00

Machine made: $185.00

Russia Drill with plain white metal buttons and leather stirrups.

Knee Breeches:

Hand finished: $260.00

Machine made: $180.00

Natural white wool with white linen interior interfacing and plain white metal buttons

Other ranks Cocked hats:

Wool felt, w/ regimental buttons, horsehair cockade, white ostrich plumbs and tassels: $170.00

Officers Cocked hats:

Long hair beaver, gold plated button, velvet cockade, Gold trim, loops and tassels: $275.00 and up

Make all payments out to “Line of March”.

General terms, 50% deposit due with order, balance and shipping due when order is complete.

Material samples have been mailed to George Mack, regimental lace will be purchased from company stores and buttons will be supplied by Roy Najecki.


Company News

Royal Welch Fusiliers in America,
Captain Joseph Ferguson's Company of Fusiliers  web site.

Commemorating the service of the 23rd Regiment of Foot during the American Revolution. Fighting in nearly every major campaign (except Burgoyne’s), from Lexington and Concord in 1775, through Yorktown in 1781, the 23rd Foot was one of the premier regiments of the Crown Forces in North America. Members are located in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and California.  The 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers is a non-profit educational organization.

Captain's Corner​: Captain Joseph Ferguson is portraied by George Mack. 
Effective 01 March 2022
Captain George Mack has 
been promoted to Major of
the Regiment



When you begin to obtain your Uniforms and Gear. Here are the guidelines:

YOUR FIRST OBLIGATION IS YOUR FIRELOCK! This is what you need first off. And you need to clear your purchase with the Company Commander before your purchase.

First Priority Items to purchase:

      1.  Shirt

      2.  Neckstock

      3.  Waistcoat

      4.  Breeches

      5. Stockings

      6.  Thin Garters

      7.  Shoes with Buckle

These items are your small clothes. 

Second Priority Items to purchase:

      8.  Full Gaiters

      9.  Garters with buckle

    10.  Half Gaiters

    11.  Gaiter Trousers

    12.  Military Cocked Hat

    13.  Haversack

    14.  Canteen

Third Priority Items to purchase

    15.  Regimental Coat

    16.  2nd Model Brown Bess

    17.  Sling, Swivels, Flash Guard, Stall

    18.  Bayonet, Scabbard, Belt, Buckle

    19.  Cartouche Box and Badge Device

    20.  Whisk and Pick

    21.  Bearskin and Wig

Always go through approved sources. Any deviation can result in waisted expenditures.

Your details were sent successfully!


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