Upcoming Events

The Revolution in Huntington Beach
15-16 Feb 2020  

Mile High Ranch with 

Morgan's Rifles.

23-25 May 2020


Memorail Day At Forest Lawn Rev-War Display for MTHE

25 May 2020  (Primary)

Nixon Library
July 4, 2019

Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

18001 Yorba Linda Blvd, Yorba Linda, California 92886


July 4th to 6th 2019
600 State Street, Orem, Utah 84058


                        Sentry Duty:  Bearskin, Full Gaiters (Full Dress)

                        Field / Battle:  Cocked Hat

Marching thru History

15-16 Nov 2010


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1768 Royal Warrant Uniform
This is the uniform & kit the Fusiliers arrived in the Americas in 1773, Fusilier 10" Bearskin cap, Fusilier Regimental Coat, waist belt w/ Bayonet and the tall gaiters of old. Early War uniform.
Fusilier Officer Royal Warrant 1768
Fusilier Comapny Grade Officer carried a fusil  with bayonet and cartridge box, with their personal sword, Lace and Badges are of Gold for 23rd Regiment.
Late War Uniform
Addopted after the southern invasion at Charles Town in January 1780. They store their Fusilier Caps for cocked hats and their breechs and tall-gatiers for russianduck gaiter trousers, it is also noted they recived new regimental coats.