Weapontry & Accouterments

The Brown Bess Musket

The Brown Bess was the standard issue musket at the time.  The Short Land / Second Model Musket was used during our period.  These can be obtained at:

Loyalist Arms & Repairs LTD


  or        G. Gedney Godwin

   or       Dixie Gun Works


It is highly recommended that you contact unit commanders before making a purchase.  You will be required to purchase separately a Flash Guard, Hammer Stall and sling.

The Bayonet and Scabbard

The Bayonet and Scabbard fits onto the Musket. You can obtain this item at:

                G. Gedney Godwin

The Waistbelt
The Cartridge Box

The waistbelt is needed to carry the bayonet.  Make sure that the belt is long enough.  You will need the extra length to sling the belt over the shoulder for "Late War" uniform and around the waist in the "Early War"  Uniform.  This item can be obtained at G. Gedney Godwin.  You will need to obtain the proper belt buckle from our Regimental Stores at: 

             David Leslie-Hughes

                       P.O. Box 73

               Mechanicsville, PA 18934

The Cartridge Box with belt can be obtained at:

  We use the William Rawle pattern.

The Cartridge Box Badge can be obtained from the Regimental Stores.

 or                 G. Gedney Godwin


                   Najeski Reproductions

The Canteen
The Haversack

The Haversack, made of Linen can be obtained from:

             Regimental Stores


             G. Gedney Godwin

Contact your Company Commanders for details

Blanket  white with blue strips on each end.

The Canteen can be obtained from

             Jas. Townsend & Sons


             G. Gedney Godwin


Always contact your Company Commanders regarding items if you have questions.  Period equipment to enhance your look can be found in the sites provided.

Goat Skin Knap sack 1760 / F & I Style , they had this style till 1803.

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1768 Royal Warrant Uniform
This is the uniform & kit the Fusiliers arrived in the Americas in 1773, Fusilier 10" Bearskin cap, Fusilier Regimental Coat, waist belt w/ Bayonet and the tall gaiters of old. Early War uniform.
Fusilier Officer Royal Warrant 1768
Fusilier Comapny Grade Officer carried a fusil  with bayonet and cartridge box, with their personal sword, Lace and Badges are of Gold for 23rd Regiment.
Late War Uniform
Addopted after the southern invasion at Charles Town in January 1780. They store their Fusilier Caps for cocked hats and their breechs and tall-gatiers for russianduck gaiter trousers, it is also noted they recived new regimental coats.