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23rd Uniform 

Uniform = Every Fusilier the Same

The Regimental Coat

The Regimental Coat are tailored made from one of our authorized Regimental Tailors:

*Company Uniform update 08/10/2020 *


In preparation for for battle of the Hook and other 2021 Events, Fusiliers in need of proper kit See list from the Regimental supplier.


Don’t buy the wrong gear .


Line of March ​​​​​​​​​July 12th 2020

Carl Ivarson

4202 Shoal Creek Dr

Greensboro, NC 27410

Pricing for 23rd Regiment of Foot uniform items. Price includes all material & labor. Shipping to be determined

Regimental Coat:

Hand finished: $775.00

Machine made: $550.00

Madder Broadcloth shell, British Royal Blue Broadcloth facings, Tails lined with natural Serge wool, upper body lined and sleeves lined with white linen. Metal hooks & eyes, white metal regimental buttons and wool regimental pattern lace.


Hand finished: $225.00

Machine made: $150.00

Natural white wool shell lined with white linen and regimental buttons

Gaitered Trousers:

Hand finished: $265.00

Machine made: $185.00

Russia Drill with plain white metal buttons and leather stirrups.

Knee Breeches:

Hand finished: $260.00

Machine made: $180.00

Natural white wool with white linen interior interfacing and plain white metal buttons

Other ranks Cocked hats:

Wool felt, w/ regimental buttons, horsehair cockade, white ostrich plumbs and tassels: $170.00

Officers Cocked hats:

Long hair beaver, gold plated button, velvet cockade, Gold trim, loops and tassels: $275.00 and up

Make all payments out to “Line of March”.

General terms, 50% deposit due with order, balance and shipping due when order is complete.

Material samples have been mailed to George Mack, regimental lace will be purchased from company stores and buttons will be supplied by Roy Najecki

The Shirt

The Shirt is made of Linen of the design of the period.  Suggest to obtain thru:     Jas. Townsend & Sons

The Neckstock & Buckle

The Neckstock is made of black Horsehair with a brass clasp buckle.  These can be obtained from:

       G. Gedney Godwin


        Najeski  Reproductions

The Breechs & Trousers
The Waistcoat

The White Wool Waistcoat, regarded as "Small Clothes" can be made by our tailor, or through the websites of:

See Regimental Tailor as above. or

    Jas. Townsend & Sons


    G. Gedney Godwin

The Stockings

The Stockings are of White Heavy Wool that reach above the knees. It is a must to obtain the leather garters as well. These can be obtained thru:

            Jas. Townsend & Sons


            G. Gedney Godwin

The Shoes

The shoes are of period design with a simple brass buckle.  These are avaialbe at:

           Jas. Townsend & Sons

           G. Gedney Godwin

            Najeski Reproductions

The White Wool Breeches are worn for our "Early War" Uniform (1774 - 1778) while the Gaiter Trousers of  Russian Linen are worn for our "Late War" Uniform (1778 - 1781).  These can be obtained thru our Regimental or thru:

                 Jas. Townsend & Sons


                 G. Gedney Godwin

The Full Gaiters

The Full Gaiters are made of Canvas with black bone buttons on the sides.  These are made to reach over the knee.  These can be obtained thru our seamstress.  You will need the proper Garters with Buckle from:

                  G. Gedney Godwin

The Bearskin Cap and Wig

The Fusilier Bearskin cap is 10" high which is worn on Parade, Guard Duty, other Dress Uniform Events, the cords and 23rd Badge come separate and can be obtained from: COMPANY CAP MAKER (Contact George Mack)

The Wig is the color of your natural hair, pulled back into a pony tail which is braided.  The tail tucked under the Cap. So when ordering the Cap, you have to take in account of the wig. Obtain the wig thru Our Company Vender in Williamsburg wig shops ( Go thru George Mack ).

The Military Cocked Hat

The Military Cocked Hat is of felt with a flate cockade and has no trim on the edges.  The hat is made so that the front peak goes over the left eye.  An addition to this hat are three white osterach feathers worn just behind the cockade (feathers are extra). The Military Cocked Hat is worn with our Uniform without the wig.  These are obtained thru G. Gedney Godwin.

The Half Gaiters are now a required item. They are to be of black canvas and to have 7 black horn buttons, the same as the Full Gaiters. These fit snuggly on the shin/calf area and come to a point in the rear.  Black polish should be applied with a buffed brush shine to them. These are available from Godwin. It is required to have a set of thin black leather garters with brass buckle to be worn on the stockings below the knee.


Horsehair Cockade for Enlisted obtained at


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